When the Motivator Loses Motivation

Hey hey, I know It has been a while since I last put out a blog post. You must be wondering where I’ve been all this time. To be honest I have just taken a break. I felt that it was well needed. Taking this break really was forced on me more than anything. Sometimes you can keep going until your body and mind tells you to stop. If you ignore it, it will eventually force you to do so. When I say this break was forced on me at the beginning, it came about after experiencing the dreaded writer’s block. Through this, my motivation slowly dwindled. I decided to revisit some plans that I originally had for my usual blog post. The most important thing for me when it comes this to blog is to remain authentic in all that I share, whether personal or not.

When the motivator has no Motivation

Having writer’s block (as well as lack of motivation) over the last couple of weeks came as a blessing in disguise. There were a few things that I was doing which were not yielding fruit and really causing some frustration. Prior to my summer vacation, to say I was always busy was a complete understatement. There is being busy and productive and being busy for busy sake. Unfortunately for me, I found myself to be in the latter. I was always busy but felt that at the end of the day I had not achieved much if anything at all. This then felt like I was not really achieving most of my targets that I had set and slowly begun to creep into my mind frustration and doubt. I found myself asking if this was for me, coming up with all kind of excuses to quit. So what change, here are a few things that helped me reset my goals and pull me back on track.

Know when to take a break

Take a Break

I was so engrossed in what I was doing and really quite enjoying writing and reading my post (yes I read my blog post). I also decided to try saying as many yes as I could. By doing this I was involving myself in as many things as I could that I wasn’t really stopping to catch a breath. I figured I might as well get it done and enjoy myself while I am young and able. Although in some cases me saying yes came from a place of FOMO (Fear of missing out) than anything else. But if there is one thing I have learned, better to take it slow and be able to uphold whatever it is that you are doing for a longer period of time than to rush ahead and burn out too soon. You only need to look at those who achieved success to soon to see that, to have the right thing at the wrong time is not good for you. So yes, go out, involve yourself in your community, be a yes person and try things out of your comfort zone. However, be diligent in learning when to say no, listen to your body when it says it’s time to rest.


You have probably heard this word so many times it has almost become redundant to you. Nevertheless, motivation in itself is an unlimited resource that does wonders to uplift the spirit and spear you on whenever you incline your ear to it. Motivation must come from the right person. I usually harp on this Blog about motivational speakers. Most of these guys have been through the process of struggle and success. As Les Brown says “success leaves clues”.


For me, I like schedules, I am that person that has a planner for everything, budget, blog, lessons, work, you name it I have one. For some strange reason, I unintentionally decided to do away with that for the summer, I was going to bed late, waking up late and really not having any sort of plan. This clearly was not for me. I challenged myself to resume my usual routine; since then have seen a great change in my attitude and mindset.

Friends and Family

I am so grateful for the people who God has placed in my life. The majority of them have been a great inspiration in my life. Where God has been my anchor, they have helped me keep sail whenever I was not up to it. If you have read my post on the Inner Circle, then you will know the importance of having good close friends and family and the words that they speak to your soul. (Oh and if you haven’t here is the link just for you).

Encourage yourself

Last but not least, as great as it is to have all of the above it ultimately comes down to you. What are you willing to do to achieve the things that you want? You have to encourage yourself as well. Tough times do not last but tough people do. Write down your reasons for your goals in a place you can see them, and speak them into existence. I am a firm believer that there is power in the words that we speak. Therefore we are to speak life into your goals and dreams.

I hope you have found this post to be encouraging. I will push my lack a little by saying, that I hope it has also inspired you into action. I’ll like to leave you with a little quote as always.

“Tough times don’t last forever but tough people do”

Les Brown.

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