Travel time: She’s going on a Ski Trip

Yes, so this happened, I’m on my way to a ski trip in less than a week. A bit of an impromptu decision. One that I am both super excited and apprehensive about. I blame my friend Lola for putting this in my head to begin with.

Saying Yes but looking for a reason to say No

Earlier this year, we (my friends and I) began planning a ski trip for 2020. From this, I remembered that there was an opportunity for me to go skiing this year with work. I am very grateful to have a job that presents me with such an opportunity. Without really thinking about it, I asked if there were any spaces left, I had not expressed any interest earlier on in the year. I asked almost hoping that they would say no. But as God will have it, there was a space and I was more than welcome to join, with reduced cost as well. (We all know I’m trying to save). So here I was with an opportunity to travel and learn a new skill and I was looking for excuses to say no.

Chance at Redemption

You may wonder why I would be doing such a thing. My main reason came from the fact that I had been skiing before and to give you a short version of the story, I ended up with a cast on my hand, knocked myself unconscious, injured another person in the process, evacuated by helicopter and I do not exaggerate when I tell you I had to fill in a police report for that, which followed me from Austria back to the UK. So to those who know this story, and myself, why was I trying to go back there again? What was my reason? Well for one, I am quite stubborn and I did not want that to be my only experience with skiing. I suppose you could say that I want the chance to redeem myself.

We are shaped by our Experiences

This had me thinking about the number of times that we allow life to dictate to us how we are going to live. Our experiences shape us in so many ways. It determines how we choose to move forward. Like when you deal with heartbreak, you can become a lot more reserved and protective of yourselves. When we face rejection we can build a wall to not feel that sort of emotion and on and on it goes. As the saying goes “you either get better or bitter”.

Failure is Guaranteed

Consider this, is there something that you are holding back on because the first time you tried it you failed at it? Here is the thing, failure like breathing and dying is inevitable once you decide to pursue your dreams and passion. Ask any successful person and they will tell you that they failed their way up. Failure is a gaurantee in life, but growth is only found in being uncomfortable.

So what you may ask? I want to share something so simple to you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with failing. It is hard to deal with trust me I know. But you have to get up and show up till you get the results that you seek.

“Saying yes . . . saying yes is courage. Saying yes is the sun. Saying yes is life.” 

Shonda Rhimes

I look forward to sharing with you my experience. I might just create a video. Maybe, please don’t hold me to it 😀 See you next week, where we talk about………….The You, You Won’t Face.

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  1. Victory March 7, 2019 at 1:38 pm

    Girl the first question that came to my head when you said you were going again was ‘does this girl not like safety?’ But I thought I’d be supportive and just passively worry by saying be careful.

    BE CAREFUL JANE!!!!!! But have fun 🙌🏾


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