The Simple Truth; Why I haven’t posted.

Hey hey all, this is the simple truth as to why I haven’t posted in a while. Before that, I trust that you have been well. It has been a while since my last post. I was forced in some ways to take a hiatus. The months since my last post, there has been some interesting developments which I look forward to sharing with you all. 

At the beginning of this year I promised myself that I would be consistent with my posts. However, I also wanted all my post to remain authentic and be of use and help to my readers. I did not want to write and post just for the sake of it. And, because this is an honest platform, I wasn’t exactly sure what or how to share. Trying to find the balance between being open and not oversharing. In short, I was not sure if my blog, my posts were translating my vision across. 

Simple Truth – Purpose and Vision

I created this blog solely as a place where I could share knowledge that I had gleaned from others and break it down into a way that everyone could apply to their daily lives. As I have said countlessly on this platform, I love listening to motivational speeches. I used to always send them out to people in my circle, but I realised that while I enjoyed the videos and it influenced me; causing me to shift my perspective it did not resonate with everyone in the same way. Therefore, I sought to get this message across through this blog. I truly believe that they are helpful and have a way of spurring you on the days that you cannot be bothered to get out of bed or you see no point in pursuing your dream. I have had those days, and I still get them from time to time and that is why it is so important that to me that I can encourage others to stay on course the same way that they have encouraged me. 

Realigning Focus

Sometimes the focus might just be a bit blurred
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In the month of March, I embarked on a course (Tribe Builder Network by Julie Creffield) to help me build this blog into a what I envisioned it could be. I truly enjoyed the course. Funnily enough what I received from it in the end differs highly from what the initial goal was. It is in someways the inspiration for todays post. The course made me realise that I needed to take a hard look at my blog and realign myself back to why I created this in the first place. Essential what problem in this world was this blog solving? This may seem extreme but ultimately our dreams and vision are not for ourselves. As we bring our dreams into fruition, even if we only help one person cross the road, as in the word of Tyler Perry, we have solved a problem in this world. It is not only the big things that count in the world when it comes to impact. Do not belittle your dreams just because you do not see it in a global avenue. Every little bit counts and sometimes the little things count so much more. Sometimes the focus might just be a little blurred but that is ok, just realign and try again. So thank you Julie for bringing me back to my focus point. 

New New Things  

And now that we are back on the road I am truly excited to share with you, things that I learn on this journey of all things adulting.  As you can see there is new look to the site, thanks to (Tani Mungwira), and new categories. I am really excited about Here’s My Story and For the Ladies. Here’s My Story is place I have created for others to share a story of their journey. We all see those people that we admire but what is the story behind it all? Stay tuned for this bit. The second one is For the Ladies, this is going to be HOT-Humble, Open and Transparent. We get candid here. I believe in conversation we can overcome so many things that we may not feel open to share but are so relatable. Yeah, I am excited. If you have a story to share or know anyone who you think should share their story please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. 

Thank you all for your encouragement and sticking with me!

Next weeks post we talking about Budapest. You all know I love to travel so if you have ever wanted to visit Hungary, Budapest then make sure to read this post on whether its worth your money money money! 

Until then here is the quote for the week 

“Do not be afraid to tear it all down and start over again” – This Jane Aint plain 

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