Reasons to Fix your Finances Now

The reason why I stress about figuring out and building wealth that I can leave behind for future generations to come is not just for materialistic goals but to be able to make impactful changes. For me the most important thing is to end the financial struggles my family face. Let’s perpetuate generational wealth and not the ‘black tax’. Today’s post is all about our daily finances and why it is so important to fix it now so that our great grand kids can still benefit after we are no longer. This is known as building generational wealth. I am always careful in my posts about finance because I am not a financial advisor. What I know is what I have experienced, what has been shared with me and what I have learned on my journey to become financially unburdened.

Fix it For Yourself

Knowing your finances, dealing with and building wealth comes with knowing your “why”. Knowing why will help you to make smarter financial decisions. For me I want to be in a place where my choices are not dictated by my financial situation. A phrase I have used quite a lot this year that I really do not want to take into next year is “the way my finances are set up”. Which is basically code for there is a lot of things I want to do but my bank account says no. Been here before? I am sure I am not the only one.


#IssaMovement is holding their first workshop on the 21 Sept on this very topic. I will be speaking about my personal journey on to the property market. Before that, it dawned on me to break down why this workshop is so important for us to attend and learn from. Being able to build generational wealth is not shallow. Please do not confuse wanting wealth with being a money mongrel (cue Scrooge Mcduff rolling on a pile of gold coins) I personally do not think there is anything wrong with wanting to acquire wealth. The issue lies in the intention and the means of acquiring that wealth; but that is another post for another day. What I want us to consider is how different things would have been if the generations before us had had the information and been in the position to pursue and acquire such a life.  Imagine how different life would have been for us and even our parents.

What is in it for YOU!

This workshop will include a panel discussion, followed by breakout sessions into varying topics such as tips on savings and investments, day to day finances and even an opportunity to have a 1-2-1 Financial Coaching Sessions. Are you a first time buyer or looking to purchase in the future? This workshop will include tips and breakdown of mistakes that can be avoided. You will be hearing from qualified personnel within the finance sector. Click here to find out more and book your place.

My Past Narrative

In the past I shied away from talking about money because not knowing much about it made me uncomfortable. It wasn’t part of the daily dialogue growing up; what finances went in and out of the house was not discussed. School was the one place I felt we should have been taught how to utilise money but I didn’t learn much here. Reflecting back, the education system teaches us how to get a job but nothing about living as an adult. I do not disregard the importance of education. I loved school, but in theory we should be able to apply what we learned in school to our daily lives but this not the case. If I am to be completely honest, I didn’t start ‘handling’ money until I was 18. It was at this age that I started to really understand the value of putting a little aside. A year later I started to look into investments especially within the property market. 

A Change In The Tide

However, there is a change in this narrative within society as a whole but especially within the black community. I am continually witnessing more people, become open and transparent with their finances. I am pleased by the ease in which we discuss and share financial tips within my friendship groups. This transparency is helping us to break barriers. An obvious one is the pay gap in genders. It has also helped reduced the stigma around money, credit cards, debt and the list is endless. Others that may seem insignificant but are equally important are things like the cost of purchases either big or small. Simply sharing and knowing that I can get this discount here, save a pound here helps me to make a better decision. As our mindset and habits towards our finances change so that we are able to fix our finances now for a better future for our kids and their kids.  

The tree you want to see tomorrow can only grow by the seed you plant today.

– ThisJaneAintPlain

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