Black Pound Day for a Small Business

As its black pound day, it seemed befitting to share my journey so far. Business, Phew as you all know per my last post you all know I started a small business company in hair and skin care. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you all the ups and down that, I have learnt. from extra fees you don’t expect to should keep going even if the market seems oversaturated. When starting it was very daunting, and at times overwhelming but one thing that has been constant is excitement and an underlying peace. It’s weird but no matter how many late-night and early mornings I pull, I find myself enjoying the process. This is not to say there wasn’t a frustrating time.

Black Pound Day

Lessons One – Just Start

I’m sure you have heard this tirelessly. Often when you ask for advice for starting something you’re told to ‘start’. As annoying as they may sound it is in practice true and effective. Before I finally launch and went through all the legal proceedings, I gave myself many reasons to not go ahead. I hadn’t found the right containers, the market is overly saturated, what the point? The point is that it’s you behind this. You have something to bring to the table and that is why you are here. Believe in that and do your due diligence to at least try. It is the only way that you will truly know. once you start, then you can test and adjust accordingly.

2. Speak to other people

Sometimes we shy aware from sharing our dreams with others because they might not get on board with it. Or we fear they, might even steal our idea. Both are through and both I have experienced in some form but for every one negative experience, there was at least three really positive advise and help. Which is why your environment is important. Surround yourself with people who want to see you grow in every area of your life. There you will find support in all that you do if its right for you. But also speak to people in the same field as you and ask how they started. I reached out to a lady who has been in the shea butter business for a while and told her what my plans were. She was so helpful and even offered to help me source out some of my ingredients. There are kind people out there.

Dreams are expensive.

I remember this from a conversation I once had with a good friend of mine. Following your dreams are expensive! I have been wanting to do this for a while, and while I had a budget; because of the vision I had in mind I had to really learn to prioritise. I know what I want from my brand. Luxury! Queen and Kings your hair and skin should be treated with luxury things. But the luxury cost. I had to scale down, not in quality or integrity but in approach. There is nothing wrong with starting small the most important thing is that you start. Aside from that, there were other costs that came by surprise. For example, My store started on Etsy and my mistake I did not prepare myself for the deductions. It’s not that it was extreme but I hadn’t factored it into my pricings. This was a very quick lesson.

Business Integrity.

I don’t know what the most important thing to you and your business. But for me, I hold the integrity of my company very here. Everything is transparent from where I source my ingredients to production. I care about the message and reputation of Fourth & Raw. This isn’t a quick get money scheme. I have a vision like Madam C J Walker, But also to use this as a means to develop the women of the shea business in Ghana. It is such a shame how widely used it is but the once who it stems from are not given the recognition it deserves. We don’t do that at Fourth & Raw. The integrity of your company shows your why and what together. When people see that authenticity they will surely get on board.

Lastly thank you to everyone who has supported me this far. Your encouragement and help mean the world to me.

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