Kobe Bryant

“Tomorrow is not yours”, “Tommorow is not promised”, whichever one you know, nothing cements it in like the sudden death of someone…..someone like Kobe Bryant

From mother dearest and everybody else

This post has been on my heart for a while but I reserved posting it until now for specific reasons. I didn’t want to be so quick to react and respond to the loss of the Mamba legend. I did write this blog post soon after his death. However, it felt best to wait. It felt right to wait and allow the world to deal with this loss. I also didn’t want this to be the first post I shared with you guys after my long absence.


It is a Sunday evening and I have just returned back to London from Nottingham. After I settle in, I pick up my phone and begin to aimlessly scroll through my Instagram feed. Which is filled with images of Kobe Bryant and his daughter. To be perfectly honest it took me a good while to acknowledge that Kobe Bryant had sadly passed away in a helicopter crash with his thirteen-year-old daughter Gianna. I was shocked and somewhat dazed by how personally I seemed to feel the loss. I am not one to immerse myself in the life of celebrities but Kobe Bryant stands out differently for me and I will explain why.


The last time I felt such confusion and sadness about a celebrity’s death was the late passing of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston among a few others. Maybe it’s how sudden they all seemed to occur. One day they are with us and just as suddenly they are no longer. I can only begin to imagine the pain his wife (and family) must be going through. To lose not only her husband but her daughter and likely friends as well. My sincere condolences; I ask that we commit them into our thoughts and prayers.

Discovering Kobe Bryant and his work ethic

While I like basketball, I do not avidly watch the NBA or follow it. Like everyone else, I knew that he was a skilled player and had set many records in his day. I knew of him as I knew of Lebron James and Stephen Curry, all great in their field of career. However, for me what truly drew me to like Kobe Bryant was when I discovered him outside of basketball through motivational speeches and videos that I like to listen to in the morning. One of my favourite motivational speakers is Eric Thomas also known as ETthehiphoppreacher. He always in many ways used Kobe’s work ethic and story as a point of illustration when explaining why one should be willing to work hard and smart; stay focused and pursue their dream with such tunnel vision that you don’t stop until you gain that which you set out to achieve. I came to find out more about his story and truly was inspired by him. That was the Kobe that I came to know and admire. If you are someone who listens to motivational speeches, you will know that Kobe is almost always mentioned for his work ethic.


Tomorrow is not yours

 John & Keri Altobelli, Alyssa Altobelli, Christina Mauser, Ara Zobayan, and Payton & Sarah Chester were the families who passed away along with Kobe and Gianna. This sudden passing stemmed in me a saying my mother constantly harps on about “tomorrow is not yours”. My mom constantly reminded me of this because of my procrastinating nature. I know this to be the bane of my life and I need to change but never do. The sad thing is, it always takes hearing the death of someone for me to get a shift. The saddest part is that as life goes on I shift back into the old pattern of “I will do it tomorrow” as I own it. I know clearly that I don’t. In fact, all I have is the very moment that I am in.


The Takeaway

For me, Kobe Bryant created such an amazing legacy. He left clues for us to follow when it comes to pursuing one’s dream. I know that today’s post has a sombre note, but it is important that when these things happen, we take time to really assess the life that we live. Kobe taught us so, so if you are as affected as I was by his death, then let’s try to change and live in the moment. Let us do this by never dwelling on the past. To also not become overly focused on what is ahead, the future. Instead to live at our best and highest self in the now.

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