Introducing Sheakissed By N.A.N.A

Finally, Sheakissed is here. The final product of my whipped shea butter. Lunched and can be purchased on this very site as well as my Etsy Store.

It honestly feels so surreal. I have been natural (stopped using chemical products in my hair) now for almost seven years. I did not realise the decision to stop using chemicals in my hair will lead me to this day. Ever since I made the decision to transition out my chemically processed hair and to welcome my natural afro it has been a fun and interesting journey. I won’t go into the details of what it means for a black woman to go natural. I may write a separate post on that. Sheakissed by NANA is one of the many answers that I have for the questions I am asked constantly about my hair.

Afro Hair

Nkuto |Africa |Natural | Anchor = N.A.N.A

When I think of Nana it recalls all the things that I love, the values that I wanted this product to bring out and what shea butter has done for my hair.  Nkuto is what we call shea butter in my language Twi (Ghana). This is sourced from Tamale, Ghana located in West Africa and produced from the shea nut tree. This Natural ingredient is the base for this product. It has and will forever be the Anchor in my natural and healthy hair journey.

“Hard” Hair

When I first decided to go natural, I was aware of one prominent feature of my hair. It was “hard”. This is a term I have heard many times when natural hair is being described. This is not to say that it isn’t true. I personally experienced the “hardness” of my hair. But that was because I did not know my hair and the product on the shelves was not created for my hair. So what do I do? I turned to those who knew more about it. I asked my friends who had inspired and encouraged me and asked for tips and I was pointed towards shea butter.

Shea butter, Nkuto as I know it.

Finally, Sheakissed is here. The final product of my whipped shea butter. Lunched and can be purchased on this very site as well as my Etsy Store.

This butter, extracted from the shea nut tree is an absolute Godsend that springs forth and gives my hair and skin the raw and sheakissed glow I now know my hair for. It is interesting that the very thing the women of Tamale sold on the street of Alabaa, Kumasi was the very thing my hair needed all this time. The answer to my questions had been on my doorstep from childhood. I have been requesting Shea butter from home ever since I went natural.


Like most natural hair ladies, I also turned to youtube to learn all about my hair. Naptural 85 and Fusionofculture are my OG favourites when it comes to natural hair YouTubers and they truly helped me on the journey. From then I began to create my own whipped shea butter with essential oils. Testing and adjusting to my own hair needs. I tried many recipes and many different oils until I finally settled on my current ingredients. That is how we have sheakissed today. I have for years been sharing this product with friends and finally, I able to share it here with you too.

Skin Loves it too #Sheakissed

Shea butter is just as good for the skin as It is for the hair. In fact, as you can see by this post so far, sheakissed was initially created for my hair. But all its properties are just as good for the skin, especially those of us who suffer from dry skin. When I created my focus group to test it out, I made sure to divided it was some would only use for their skin and others as hair butter. Both groups were able to confirm that it worked well for either their hair or skin. My focused group consisted of a diverse and multicultural group.

My Signature Recipe

If you think of all the Nana’s in the world, they always had the one perfect recipe that was signature to them. They passed it on from generation of generation. Think of this beautifully whipped shea butter mixed with essential oils as just that. My signature recipe being passed on to you. 

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