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City Break

If you know anything about me, you will know that I love to travel. I recently visited Amsterdam and loved every bit of it. This was my second time, and I was again swept away by the beautiful canals, building and people. In one city there is quite a lot that can be done.

The first time I went was in December. It was actually my first solo travel. This city definitely holds a special place in my heart because of this. Even though I only went for a long weekend, it was more than enough to enjoy the city and what it offered. In December, was the light festival, where artist displayed beautiful pieces on the buildings and canals.

Things To Do

I only spent four days in Amsterdam this time around. However, there was still a lot to do, enough to be eventful but not overwhelming and still have time to relax, have a glass of wine if you so wish.

Hop on, Hop Off Bus

hop on hop off bus amsterdamHop On, Hop Off Amsterdam City Break

I feel like most people sleep on this whenever they visit a new city. It’s a great way to know the route of the city and to figure out, where and how to visit places. If you enjoy history like I do, you will not be disappointed either. A good commentator makes for good sports and there are always interesting and fun facts to be learned.


If you a beer lover then you will love this. This is a tour of the Heineken brewery. You get two tokens at the beginning which you can collect at the end of the tour at the bar. No matter what time of the day you visit, it still has the looks and feels of a club. Honestly, this was not my favourite thing to do, but it was an interesting event and a good atmosphere.

Canal Cruise

Amsterdam is full of canals and so it is a given that there will be a cruise. We booked the cruise which included dinner. Pizza, all you can drink and dessert. It lasted for an hour and a half and I definitely enjoyed myself. We used the company Stroma. From this, I would recommend them as they delivered exactly what they advertised.

Anne Franks House

This was the most sombre out of all the activities. The museum is really good, it is a self-tour so you get to take as long or as short as you want. It also includes an audio narrator. You must book in advance if you want to see it. You get to see the attic which they hid in for two years including a few artefacts that were left behind. It almost feels weird smiling in this picture outside of the house/museum (but that’s all I ever do in most of my pictures).

A’dam Lookout

This was fun! If you are scared of height, you probably won’t be a big fan of this. I still think you should go for the experience. It is only €5, with an indoor and outdoor bar. Great view and vibes. There is a free ferry to take you across, as it is on the opposite side of the dam which is central to the City.

All of these activities may seem like a lot, but it actually is not, if it is well planned. Altogether the activities summed up to £94.50. When going on holidays, it may seem like a costly thing, however, if it is well planned out, it really does not cost more than it needs to be. Do your research well, ask people who have been before and they can give you their honest opinion on the things to do or not do. As much as their experience is important, take everything with a grain of salt as each person experiences things differently.


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