What is your Relationship with Money?

Money can at times be the undoing of a relationship. We have all, at some point been told not to mix money with friends and family, (which is not bad advice); however, have you checked your relationship with money? When it comes to my posts about finance I am very careful to not just recite of some textbook. Everything that I share here is lessons that I have learned and applied over the course of the years since I started this whole ‘adulting Stint’ and getting my money right.

Why do I have this particular relationship?

In my last post about finance, I Got It From My Momma, I talked about certain techniques that I wanted to apply to my financial habits this year. I wanted to save, travel and clear debt. Talk about a big vision. In order for me to be able to do all these things, I had to acknowledge my relationship with money. I was building a strict budget. So to adhere to that, I had to fix how I saw and used the money. Was I ‘tight’ with my money? Was I frivolous? Whichever category I fell into I had to ask myself why. In my case, I did not start ‘handling’ money until my late teens. I was baby in all matters money and even though I saved, I only saved to spend. I was spending all the money that I earned and had even spent the ones yet to come in my mind. Luckily for me, it was not a habit that lasted long because my environment changed in some aspect. With this new environment came individuals who were willing to share their knowledge with me. By listening and applying I was able to change how I saw money. I am developing it in a way where my £1 could become £2, then £4 and so on.

Why is it that way?

For most of us, we learn about handling money from whoever raised us. So if you came from a household where money was in abundance, you most likely did not know the lack of it. If you came from a household where money was all hush-hush, you most likely do not feel comfortable talking about it openly. Talking about gives you the sweats literally. If you came from the household where money was hard to come by, then its possible to have the type of relationship where you are easily stressed to acquire more all the time because you never had enough. Whatever the reason, the relationship has been formed.

Is it a healthy relationship?

Now that we established the different type of relationships, ask yourself is it healthy? I may not have mentioned all the type of relationship that one could have with money. If you find that you do not fit into of them, take this post as an incentive to find out yours. Once you have a better understanding, trust me when I tell you your mindset will begin to change and we all know that real change begins in the mind. Let’s build together a wealth mindset.

So What is Next?

With all that has been said in this post, how do we flip the coin? It begins with knowledge. You need to actively search for information about money. You don’t know what you don’t know. There are lots of books, free youtube tutorials, blog posts, podcasts out there sharing information on money and mobility which help facilitate our journey towards building wealth healthily.

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