We Bought A House


We bought a house, We bought a hoouuuseee,  we bought hoouuusse!! it is ok to sing along with me and do a little dance as well.  It is a great achievement, and you should be proud. It is not an easy task to complete, but it is eventually, a rewarding one. So now that we have completed this first part of purchasing the property, we can include the essential things that you need to be aware of. you do not want your achievement to be clouded by a surprised bill.

Council Tax

Even if you do not have your own house and you rent, you should be aware of paying council tax. Once you receive the key for the property, the previous owner should have made the council aware of the change. However, I will also recommend that you let the council be aware that you are the new house owner. With this, they can rightfully give you the correct bills, especially if you entitled to any discount. This could be a single person discount, which is 25% off the original bill, a full-time student discount and many others. you can also select how you want to pay, either by direct debit, monthly, yearly or whatever suits you best.

Utility bills

Part 4 - Kickstart Your way to the Property Market,

Don’t sleep on this. make sure that you do an intensive research on this to make sure that you are with the right company. This is one thing that I didn’t pay attention to which ended up being quite costly for me. I did not move into my place straight away due to other commitment that I had. being a newbie I had assumed that I will only have to pay for water that was being used whenever I was there. But I soon that this was not the case. so when I eventually called I had accumulated quite a bit of debt. Luckily for me, I was able to explain and have the debt reduced and pay the rest of in the decent amount of time.  So make sure you call the water/electric/gas company and decide whether to stay or leave them.

Making a House home.

Part 4 - Kickstart Your way to the Property Market

I did not know that furniture and house appliances were that costly until I got my place. Honestly, I was quite shocked at the cost of fridges, couches, tv, coffee tables and the likes. Even if you go to Ikea to purchase everything the cost still builds up. even though I had included these things in my savings, if I could go back I would definitely save a lot more for it. The good thing is though you don’t have to buy all at once. There are so many other finance options so you are not exactly stuck. Just make sure you shop around.

Hopefully, you have found this helpful, be sure to check out next weeks post on Interior Design.

Remember, You can do anything that your set mind to.

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