The thing about Motivation…

The thing about motivation is that it has been thrown around so many times that it has lost its meaning. It’s hard for it to resonate with people. It’s almost as if only superficial people who have lost touch with the real world keep harping on about motivation. 

I wish for my blog to motivate and inspire my fellow millennials. But there are times that I feel as though I am not reaching people as much as I want to and to be transparent, times where I lack motivation. I have moments where I am overly fired up to go all out on my goals and others where I am a little bit more relax and not giving it my 100%. If you take nothing from this post, please take this one thing. You will not always feel motivated, so you must learn to become disciplined. 

Quote from blogpost on motivation or lack there of.

The thing about motivation...sometimes its hard to come by and so we need to figure out a way to stay motivated when the going gets tough..

There are different types of motivation. What are they ? and how we can utilise it in our lives. 


This is when your motivation comes from external rewards (rewards-based motivation). If I was to tell you that, I would give you a thousand pounds for every book you read this year, your actions are being moved by the reward of the 1000 pounds per book. It is transactional. 


On the other hand, if you have a desire to know more and your desire is to develop and really grow your mindset, and the way to do this is read books that touch on the topics that you want to develop on. Then your motivation is internal. It is coming from within. 

Push and Pull

We are all different, and we are motivated differently. I want to address the type of motivation which I believe will keep burning all the way through, especially when life hits you hard and it will. If your why is internal and not only for the benefit of yourself. You will keep going. Now if I was to take away the 1000 pounds rewards, you are likely to stop reading, and you have missed out on the chance to personally develop yourself because your motivation was focused on the outside. However, if you have internal motivation, you are motivated by your desire to grow, financially, emotionally, spiritually and your push and fire burns a little more differently. It’s the difference between when you want an extra income you either get another job or you create a job. 

The thing about motivation...sometimes its hard to come by and so we need to figure out a way to stay motivated when the going gets tough..

Discipline and Preparation 

So now, that we have addressed motivation, let’s talk about discipline. This replaces the days that you are not completely motivated. I love writing and I truly love my blog, but I have had days where I’m staring at the screen with no motivation to write, post, or promote. These times is when my discipline must kick in. One of my goals this year is to always have two posts scheduled, and as many drafts as I can. Here I am using the discipline to have post scheduled all the time to remove the problem of giving in to my lack of motivation because the work has already been done. Developing on your discipline helps you to be proactive and allows you to be prepared for when opportunity arrives. 

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