Blogmas is actually going to be a thing this year. I hope you can see right on the onset that I am excited. I know I Know I have been absent for a while but I will be explaining all in the future posts to come.


In case you do not know what blogmas/Vlogmas is, it is when bloggers and vloggers film and share with you almost daily their activities over the Christmas period. So while I do not intend to post every day, or film, (phew you can breathe). I’m not going to fill your inbox every day. I am however going to post a lot more.  Christmas is one of the few times that family and friends get together and so there is a lot happening and I’m going to share as much as I can.


So prior to that I just want to share with you what has got me this excited and inspired. For me remaining positive is my saving grace from God. The glass has to be half full all the time if I am to find solutions to my problems. But remaining positive is not the easiest thing to do and so again surround yourself with those who want to pull you up even when you cannot see it for yourself.

Like every normal person, as positive as I am naturally I still have my off days though I refuse to let it last. Because the mindset is everything. It is a direct reflection of your current situation,  I can already see the wheels turning in your head, you’re thinking I cannot be right, I have tried to stay positive, all that and then some but then nothing has changed. This is where I tell you a not so secret, secret.

“The change has to begin with you.”


One of the ways that help me to stay motivated is attending events. By doing this I am able to meet like-minded people, learn from the people who inspire me and develop myself and my environment. Yesterday I attended an event that left me inspired, impressed and motivated. It’s one thing to want change and it’s another to actively start doing it. And to start it is a risk. Heck, anything in life is a risk but most of them if not all are worth taking at the right time. When a friend of mine invited me to it, I had no expectations what so ever. To say I was shocked to see the queue and the number of people there would be an understatement. There were so many gems that were shared at this event, I’ll be here forever if I was to write them all down. But I will also be greedy if I was to keep this all to myself, after all, I created this blog to give me a platform to share my journey with you and really help anyone anyway that I can, especially by adding value to their life if nothing else.

Selfie & making new friends

Ask Yourself these!

Most of these things I’m about to share, you have most likely heard them before, and until you see people who are living examples of it, you may not understand it but believe it, it is true and as they say, the proof is in the pudding. Before this event, I had never heard of David Imonitie, Zain Khan and so many others, but they each shared principles that I have stated in the previous blog posts if you have been with me for a while, these should all sound familiar.

“Humility – You have to stay humble in life. Someone

is always going to be in a position above you no matter

how high up the ladder you go. It doesn’t cost you anything”.

  1. Who do you listen to?
  2. How teachable and coachable are you?
  3. What is your Success balance scale?



Its one thing to attend an event, it is another to be inspired and it is another to learn. But to be in a place where you can learn; be inspired spiritually and physically and on top of that be pushed into action that is a whole other chapter. This basically means that next time, you have to be there with me. I’ll be sharing with you over the next couple of weeks into my new venture. If you like my finance post, stay tuned!. I hope this post has ignited a spark to get you doing things you have decided to forget just because of its December. Just because you have not been able to achieve it over the last couple of months doesn’t mean it can’t be done or you should push it into the following year. Let pull our socks up, believe and then show up!



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