It’s ​International Women’s Day, So Let’s ​Talk about being a Woman.

Womanhood just like adulting is an interesting place to navigate. It is weird even though I am 24 years old there are still times that I refer to myself as a girl but really, in my life that shipped sailed a long time ago. Albeit there is nothing wrong per se in referring to myself as a girl but the notion somehow refers me back to a younger version of myself.

I reflect on this day set aside to celebrate being a woman. But what does that mean to me? There is soo much weight that comes with that word. There are many parts of me as a woman that fits the status quo and others do not. I am strong and resilient and driven. Above all, I determined to live, live full, literally #livemybestlife. But there are times when I am vulnerable and instead of being the neck and lifting others up, I want also to be lifted up. I am proud to say that I am surrounded by women who do just that. Lift me up.

As I get older I am more aware of the difficulties of being a woman. You can be successful but not too successful, if not you will struggle to find a man. Be strong but not too strong so you don’t emasculate your man. Feel beautiful but not too much if not you are vain. Cover up so men are not enticed. Be smart but not too much. Basically, the world tells us we can be anything and go so far but not as far so we don’t overstep the place of the man.

However, as I write this post, I am happy to say that yes there are difficulties, but there are uniqueness and beauty in being a woman. Seeing all the women in my life and figureheads like Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Marianne Williamson, Yaa Asantewaa, Eartha Kitt break out of all the barriers aforementioned shows me that society can create all these rules but it will not stop us from rising. There is nothing like strong women inspiring other women.

I am taught and inspired by a friend who teaches me that there is nothing worth in settling for less than you deserve. No one is doing #strugglelove

I am taught and inspired by a friend to stress less and be youthful always.

I am taught and inspired by a friend to put on my business head and go get it and don’t stop till I do.

I am taught and inspired by a friend to love myself, appreciate my beauty, body and mind.

I am taught by a friend to not shy away from the gift of God, and as there are times I would rather shrink into the background, she reminds me that there is a leader in me that needs to do what leaders do, which is not to lead but serve and teach others to do the same.

As you can see I am surrounded by inspiring women. They have all gone through live overcoming obstacles and remaining in Grace. They are not perfect beings but they are perfect in their journey of becoming. Lastly, I cannot write this post without saying thank you to my beautiful mother for being a constant silent force that has taught me so much and showed in her strong stillness that you can do it if you allow the wisdom of God to prevail in your life.

“Let us live our lives in the confidence of being a woman and lov every minute of it”

Comment below women who have inspired you.

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  1. Esperanza May 15, 2019 at 4:59 pm

    I love how you have put some of Chimamanda Adichie’s inspiring TEd Talk speech about feminism in your blog! Furthermore, the contrast in being a woman, that you have highlighted in your blog, encapsulates the uniques, dynastic and resilience of being a woman in society. On the other hand, maybe talk about the different and similar aspects, expectations and definitions of being a women in diverse society that you can relate to or not ( like Ghana and england). 👍🏾


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