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As promised last week, today’s post is going to be focused on the good old interior design of our purchased house. Basically turning a house into a home. Off the bat interior design is individually specific, we all like different things, colours, etc; like anyone else we have an idea of what our dream home looks like. While it is nice to have your dream home, it is good to know there are ways to not break the bank and still have your heart desires.


You do not have to have everything in the house straight away. Take your time with the things that you buy. Due to the initial excitement, you may find yourself buying lots of things that, 1: you may not have a place for it, in the long run, 2: may be nice but not fit into your overall look and 3: just make the house look like a cluster.   Go slow and steady. Not only will it help you save money, but it will also help you make wiser financial choices. For example, I didn’t purchase furniture for almost 2 months in. Aside from looking for the best deal, because furniture is expensive! I wanted something I would keep for a good while. I ain’t got the time or money for that matter to be changing things up all the time. Essential items need to be bought with the purpose of lasting a good couple of years.


Some people may have the luxury of paying for someone to come in and put together their ideal home. Some of us do not have the luxury yet or may just be somewhat of a control freak and so would rather do it themselves. Or it could just be the sense of satisfaction of accomplishing something yourself. Whichever bracket you fall into there is so many information out there to help you put things together. From YouTube videos to Pinterest and so on and so forth. For me, I put together a little Pinterest board. This actually helped me to locate other stores that I had never heard off.

Saving while getting your home the way you want


Discount, Discount, Discount. Honestly do not be shy to ask for one if you are entitled to them, Forces discount, student discount, family discount (IKEA card) all of them. Even if you save £10, that will contribute towards something else. Shop outside of the usual stores, not everything has to brand new. For example, When my previous owner was leaving, they were aware that I was a newbie and basically had nothing, so they left me things that they no longer needed. I was left with a bed, Wardrobe, Dryer to name a few. This really helped me in the initial months. Don’t sleep on the Facebook market as well, there are always people moving out who want to get rid of things. A colleague of mine gave away washing machine, dryer and fridge for a marginal price of what she actually bought it for.


You will find that most places that you buy things from will offer their own insurance. Be careful about the kind of things that you accept. Remember you will be taking home insurance, well I hope you will be. Most of the household items, if not all should be included in the policy.  Also, almost every electrical and other product comes with one or two-year warranty that will most likely give you the same kind of cover being offered by these shops.


Here is a gallery of things that I purchase if I can’t find the exact one the something similar.

Murando World Image – Amazon

Saving while getting your home the way you want
An online find which saved me a lot of money. I wanted artwork and pretty much the usual shops were quoting me prices that just didn’t make sense or fit into my budget. So I checked out Amazon and voila, I got the canvas version but I believe there is a glass version.


All of this was a process that took time and effort and a lot of shopping around for the best bargain.

“No need to rush a process, take your time and do it well than rush and regret it”

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