Fear the Slave Master

Fear is the slave master you didn’t know you had. Imagine thinking you’re free, but you can’t move. There are no physical obstacles in your path yet your feet seem stuck in its spot. Your breathing is short and sharp and you can’t seem to get any enough breath in. Dizziness takes over and you begin to sway as though you no longer can hold yourself up. And your mind simple says I can’t. So you close your eyes and stop right there, not moving any step forward. There are no visible shackles on your feet. Everyone around you is telling you can do it. Even though you are surrounded by encouragement, your mind still is imprisoned with fear. It has become your slave master and the sad thing is you don’t even know it. That was me, the first time I felt fear grip me physically and so strong.


I recently came across the revelation, that to have fear is to be enslaved and I was astonished as to how I never realised this. I think I understood it to some extent but not so vividly. In many ways, I might come across brazen and confident to many. I am not denying this fact but there are other things in my life that I have shied away from due to nothing else but fear. But as I walk in relationship with God I realise something. I cannot walk in Spirit and walk in fear at the same time. Romans 8:15-16

Why call Fear a Slave Master

Why compare fear to a slave master? Think of what you know of slavery. Your master dictates where you can go and how far you go. Your master set the parameters in which you do anything. Well so does fear. But it goes a step further making you think it is okay to ‘feel the fear’. It is okay for it to have that kind of power in your life because it’s protecting you from harm. You are deceived by thinking that other things are the reason you can’t move your feet. Before I came to this realisation I could reel off so many reasons why I felt the way I felt that day. But looking back now in hindsight, I know that it was nothing but fear. It was so deeply ingrained I didn’t sleep the night before and felt defeated the moment the morning rose.

Feel The Fear and Do it Anyway

To rid fear from my life, I read more about it and listen to the experience of others. A book that I really liked is Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers. Funnily enough, most of the things she explained in the book were things that I already knew from studying the bible. This may come across biased, but I believe all self-help books are bible wisdom decoded for those who may not believe in God to also apply in their life. Believe me, I read a lot of them. This book touches on Positive thinking, Higher Self (What I refer to as the Holy Spirit), Forgiveness, Renewing your mind and by that changing your life. This book had a good way of breaking things down by illustrating it through people life experiences. I definitely recommend it.

Belief and Affirmation

With the knowledge and guidance that I have acquired so far, I have begun to really practice to live my life, not in fear. I do this by practising affirmations. Literally, looking at myself in the mirror and speaking either my favourite bible verses back to myself and other positive messages that I want to feed my mind with. I can say with my chest that I have seen a difference in my life and my approach to many things in my life. At first, I thought I would feel the fear and do it anyway. But no there is no fear to be felt. Rather I will dream so big that it eradicates any fear; and how do I dream big? By believing in who God says I am and shutting the door to my chatterbox. No longer a slave to fear!

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Fear the Slave Master

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  1. Rachel April 15, 2020 at 6:03 pm

    This is SO good! There really is NO room for fear! Definitely getting myself into the mindset of eradicating fear!


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