Curves, BBL, The pressures to fit societies beauty Standards

In recent years, we have seen a spike in BBL surgery. The transformations are amazing to see when done properly of course. However, it’s interesting seeing all the features that I was once told to literally hide and was warned would warrant me unwanted attention being celebrated on others. How fickle society seems to be.

Curves, BBL, The Pressures to fit Societies Beauty Standards


I was about eleven I think when I first had a comment in regards to my ‘assets’. It was not one that left me feeling comfortable in my skin. I was told to watch out for the prying eyes of men. For the longest time I hid my curves, I’d purposely wear long coats and tops because I didn’t wait to draw attention to myself. I stretched out my tomboy phase because I thought yes that would make me less “physically attractive”. But they still found me, those eyes, strangest of all though, it wasn’t male eyes.

Watch Out

It was the women around me, commenting on how they thought I was arching my back on purpose. I was in year 5 at the time. Constantly warning me how men loved curves and I should watch out. So for the longest time all I did was watch out. As soon as I was approached by any guy, I’d think he is only here for my body. I learnt to hide and shy away from my body, instead of loving it. 

Love Note

So I guess this post is a love letter to all women and girls to love the skin that you are in. Your skin  tells a story that no one else can tell, but you..  maps out and aids you to where you have been, and going to. 

Curves, BBL, The Pressures to fit Societies Beauty Standards

Surgery often leads me to question if we as women have been given enough time to learn to love the skin that we are in.  Is it a quick fix or is it a solution? I can’t really answer however I do want us to learn to love ourselves at our “heaviest’ to love ourselves at our ‘slimmest” to love ourselves post three cheesecake period bloat. To love the smile lines from years of friendship. To love the stretch marks from puberty.  To love our re-emerging edges. To look in the mirror and accept the history that our bodies tell. Our bodies tell stories of the lives and the moments that we’ve lived, our bodies tell us the stories of how we attempted a 5 mile run with no training. But most of all our bodies reflect our souls. Our bodies feel the strain of stress, pain, heart break and manifests itself in so many ways. 

Cosmetic Surgery

When it comes to BBL and plastic surgery in general I hope and pray that it was a careful spirit lead decision taken after days of personal self-care to ensure that it is truly the body that needs the surgery. Surgery should add to one’s life but not because of societal pressures. But because they wanted to do it and would do it again and again, thousand times over, minus the gram, minus magazines, minus music videos. Minus other peoples opinions.

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