Chapter 2 – A Seat At the Table

You’re here, Liza scoffed at me disapprovingly as I hurried up the stairs to meet her. I was already over half an hour late. Liza hated lateness with a passion. She was always on time for everything. A complete opposite of me, I was always rushing somewhere. It appears somehow, she had more than the 24 hours that was to grace to as all because it never seemed enough to me.

Whenever I will tell her this, she will remind me that I lacked planning. “if you would just plan a little Ice, then you would not be rushing all the time, and oh try not to daydream so much either.  She was right really, she even bought me a planner to help me, not realising I was a lost cause when it comes to timing, but she was soon to learn. Nowadays she has given up trying to help me be a bit more organised and continually serve me auntie disapproving looks whenever I’m late or rushing.

Just like today, she is stood at the top of the stairs, looking perfectly chic in her black jeans and top, covered with a mustard blazer and court shoes. A few guys walking up the stairs ahead of me stare intently trying to catch her eye. Even in my hurried and flustered state I can’t help but notice that she is beautiful. Her skin is dark like Ebony, which was really fitting as her name, even though she chose to go by her middle name ‘Liza’ instead. She had confided when asked that she chose to go by her middle name instead of as it gave her ambiguity.  (now why couldn’t my mother have picked something along those lines, our skin was of a similar shade, even though hers run a little redder under than mine) glistened ever so slightly by the late evening sun. Her usual dark hair was replaced by the golden-brown weave she had recently got done. Next, to each other, we couldn’t look more different. But during my time here she had become my closest friend. A part of me wished I could be more like her but I was too lazy to try.  Where I come off as cold and unapproachable, she was lovely with a great smile that truly lit up the room. A smile I manage to replace with a death scowl with my lack of time discipline. Everyone wanted to be her friend.

“Honestly are you ever going to be on time for anything”? Liza asked me as I finally got to her. She moved in to hug me but paused when she saw the state of me. She wrinkled her nose as she looked me up and down, what happened she asked, a little exasperated but concerned nevertheless. She pointed at my knees. I looked down to see little spurts of blood on my jeans, I had scratched myself when I hit the floor but in my hurried and dazed state, I had not noticed. Now that she pointed it out I felt the sting of the scratch which reminded me of him.

I close my eyes briefly and take a deep brief, “are you ok Hun? Liza asks, I nod. Yes, I just had a little accident on my way. I continue to explain to her what had happened. For some reason, I choose to skim over details about the biker. Liza scowl completely disappears and is now replaced with her usual caring and motherly concern. That’s another thing about Liza I know she will be a great mother one day.  Its ok, I’m… I’m ok really, let’s go we are late, I’m sure we have lost our table now.

“Its ok we are on time, I booked it for a later time, I just told you to meet me earlier because I know what you’re like”, she confesses. I shake my head and smile a little. This is not the first time she has lied about timing to get me somewhere on time. My lack of disapproval of her lies brings up a confused look on her face which makes me smile more. I don’t know what is wrong with me.

Hmmm, she looks me over and drags me inside into the toilets in the mall to fix me over, literally. Once she is done fussing over me, we make our way up to our favourite Jazz Bar and restaurant. It is used by quite a few of the students but not so much that even I could stand it. It had a cool welcoming southern vibe to it that made me feel right at home. Well, I have something to tell you, Liza excitedly tells as we sit at our table. She is so filled with excitement so suddenly she leans to the tip of her seat. I got as a spot! She exclaims. I look at her waiting for her to continues. I got us a spot she exclaims again, I got us a spot as dancers in the fall show, we have a seat at the table.

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