If you don’t already know on the 26 May 2018 AfroRepublik took over the O2 arena. A line up of amazing Afrobeats and Grime artist performed live and they were great overall. Some performance exceeded my expectations. Most importantly we showed up to support Afrobeat artist and music.

WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE?The Significance of afrorepublic

In music, the genre of Afrobeats has for the most parts only been known by those of the African heritage. It was never played on mainstream radio stations, music channels, clubs/bars. The one song well-known and ever played on the “mainstream” networks was “Premier Gaou” by Magic System.  Fast forward now to 2018, Artists has persevered and developed their music, working alongside African-American and UK Grime Artist and this genre being recognised worldwide. But this is not really the highlight this post is about. I was very happy and impressed to see the people of Africa come together to celebrate and enjoy our music together. People from all sides of the African continent was there to represent. To see all these beautiful people together connected by their love of music and dance was exhilarating.


It may be wishful thinking and a bit far-fetched, however, the way we came together to support these artists and sell out the ticket is a sign of how much can be accomplished for country and continent as a whole if we were to recognise this and work together more often for important issues that arise within our society. Enough of the Yaa Asantewaa moment for now but real food for thought. Here is a little snippet of how the night was.

Representing For the ladies

The Significance of AfroRepublik

In a male-dominated lineup, Tiwa Savage held her own and represented for the girls. She performed a set on her own and then later with Wizkid.

This Video are from the snaps we took on the night so apologies beforehand you will hear my friends and I voices and bare with it, editing and creating videos are not my forte.


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